Utilizing HD Skills Across Multiple Platforms

During the past week I have gotten several chances to utilize the skills I have acquired throughout my Help Desk experience this year.

1:1 Summit:

On Friday, 4/10 I got the opportunity to contribute to and participate in Burlington’s 1:1 iPad summit.  Roughly 100 educators and students came to Burlington High School and Marshall Simonds Middle School to learn about all of the wonderful things Burlington is doing in term of 1:1 implementation. At the high school, the day started with a panel which I was asked to be on to provide a student perspective. Alongside me in the panelScreen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.44.53 AM was Jenn Scheffer, Jenn Judkins, and Patrick Larkin. The panel was a great experience and required a lot of quick and analytical thinking to be able address the questions directed towards me. The panel also required honesty, especially when I received the question “What was the best and the worst parts of the 1:1 implementation?”  I shared that I was a freshman the year that the devices where distributed and I had never had an i-device before so I spent the majority of my freshman year in classes never looking up from an endless stream of games that had never been so easily accessible to me. I also shared however that having my iPad taught me time management. Four years later my iPad has zero games on it and I know how to manage my time and stay focuses. Schools looking to start a 1:1 implementation need to be open for a year or two of working out the kinks, it’s not going to work perfectly from the start. I also shared that the best part of the implementation for me was the freedom it gave me. In middle school, when I was given a project it had to be done exactly how the teacher described it had to be but when I entered high school, a project proposal was given to us and we had the freedom to use any app or website to complete the project that we chose to.

After the summit we broke off into tours. Several people requested to be in my tour specifically so I could answer the questions they did not have a chance to ask me in the panel. It’s very exciting to be a part of a school that stands as such an inspiration to other schools and I was answering questions until well after the tour was over. I never even got a chance to see the student showcase because I was answering questions and speaking about my experience until it was time to file back into the auditorium. Overall I think the day was a huge success and I’m honored to have been given the chance to participate in this event again.

Starting My TED Video:

This year I will be giving a talk on self esteem as a part of Burlington’s first ever TEDx event. As a portion of my talk I am creating a video as an experiment to prove my theory that as kids grow up, their self esteem goes down. This week was the first week of Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 9.55.54 AMshooting and I have been very busy juggling this project in addition to my regular work in Help Desk. I would prefer not to share the concept of my video until I have completed it but I am very happy with the results so far. Stay tuned to my blog to see the results of the video.

“Hey you’re the Help Desk girl right?”

At this point in the year most of my teachers and family members have figured out that I’m a member of the Help Desk. It’s becoming a common occurrence that I’ll be sitting in a class and one of my teachers will call me to the front of the room and ask me to help them with a technology problem. One of these occurences happened this week. I walked into my anatomy class and my teacher said “yay my Help Desk girl is here.” She was having a problem with viruses on Google Chrome. Having had this problem myself before I knew exactly how to help her and thought I would share for others who are having a similar problem because it is an easy fix. Click the word chrome on the upper left corner of your screen and then select “About Google Chrome.” Once in About, click “extensions” on the left side and deselect “enabled” on every extension you do not want on your computer. After this you can delete them entirely and you will have no more problems with Chrome viruses.

Overall this week has been hectic, but very rewarding. I got the chance to share my experience to a nationwide audience, I had to adapt and think quickly and critically to the questions I was asked, I got several chances to develop my interpersonal skills and collaborate with students and teachers, and I got to use creativity and initiative in my video. I’m very thankful for the opportunities I have received because of Help Desk and hope I continue to get similar opportunities in my future.


About cathoyt

This is my blog for the Burlington High School student-run help desk! I'm excited to being posting on here frequently and creating and posting things that are innovative and helpful!
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2 Responses to Utilizing HD Skills Across Multiple Platforms

  1. Alexis Innes says:

    Hi Cat, I found your blog through a class I’m taking about using technology in the classroom. I think this HelpDesk initiative is a great way to get students involved, especially ones who are already very good with technology. It’s awesome that you got to attend the 1:1 iPad Summit! I also was given an iPad as part of a 1:1 college program, and I love it. Do you ever use yours for note taking? I find that I’m able to keep typed notes more organized, and it’s nice to not have to lug around a laptop all the time. It’s also very cool that you got to participate in a Tedx Talk. How did that go? We had some speakers at a Tedx Talk when I was in high school, and it was amazing. Your blog seems very informative, and I hope you see this even though it appears that you may have graduated earlier the in the year. Hope to hear from you!


    • cathoyt says:

      Hi Alexis,
      Sorry for taking so long to get back, I don’t check my blog notifications as frequently as I used to when I was in high school. If you don’t mind my asking, what class are you taking that you found my blog through, that’s really neat! My first three years of high school I took a majority of my notes exclusively on my iPad. My senior year I purchased a laptop because I just prefer the size of it, the feel of typing on physical keys etc and my note taking transferred over to my computer for every situation that I was able to use it. I agree the iPad is nice because it’s lighter and smaller but in some instances I prefer the bigger screen. I’ve found myself to be consistently organized on both platforms however. My TED Talk went great, here is the link to it if you are interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pogff9brNyA

      Thanks for commenting, let me know if you have any other questions!


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