Weekly Reflection 2/23/15 – 2/27/15 (Twenty-third Week)

We are about a month into second semester and I have found I am extremely thankful that Help Desk is a one semester class and I get to spend the rest of the year working alongside peers. Last semester I was the lone member in Help Desk period six and was expected to handle every problem entirely on my own. I learned a lot and gained tons of confidence as well as problem solving skills but I am relieved and excited to have the chance to bounce ideas off my peers and problem solve as a team for the remainder of the year.

Our focus for this past week has been solely on the Makerspace. Aside from assisting the usual few customers during the period and preparing for the Live Google Hangout I will be running solely this Friday to discuss Makerspaces in honor of Digital Learning Day, myself, Nikhil and Jake have been working to create the Makerspace. Our 3D printer has arrived and been assembled and furniture has been removed, installed and reorganized. It’s been only a few days and the 3D printer is in popular demand. I will even be getting the very cool opportunity to bring my Anatomy and Physiology class down to the Makerspace later next week to teach my classmates how to use the 3D printer and together as a class we will be creating an anatomically correct replica of a cat heart which will coincide with our current dissection. This is an excellent experience and it is very exciting that even before it has opened, the Makerspace is being used exactly in the way we had hoped; peer to peer exploration and teaching. I look forward to the continuation of this project and encourage those who are interested in Burlington’s Makerspace project to stay updated with my blog.


About cathoyt

This is my blog for the Burlington High School student-run help desk! I'm excited to being posting on here frequently and creating and posting things that are innovative and helpful!
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