Weekly Reflection 1/5/15 – 1/9/15 (Seventeenth Week)

This week I finished my entry for the Follett Challenge as the second part of my three part ILE project. I was already very pleased with the results of my video before I went to school but the feedback I received from the people who watched it in school boosted my pride even higher. Having a teacher tear up because they are so proud of you and blown away by your work is an incredible feeling and speaks towards the unbelievable confidence the teachers at Burlington High School have in their students abilities to achieve greatness.

I showed the video to members of the IT department, members of BHS administration, all students taking the digital literacy class and more. I also tweeted the link out and had people coming up to me all throughout the week telling me how awesome they thought the video was.

The difference between Help Desk and other classes is how public everything is. You would never expect to see your English Term Paper plastered all over the internet, whereas virtually everything completed in Help Desk is posted to the globally recognized Help Desk blog, personal blogs, Burlington Public School’s blog, twitter and more. Many students would crack under the pressure of having all of their work sent out to be criticized by anyone who comes across it. The unique thing about Help Desk students is that they are more than aware of the impression they have on our community and not only do they not crack under the pressure but they thrive under it.

If you missed my video please check it out below:


About cathoyt

This is my blog for the Burlington High School student-run help desk! I'm excited to being posting on here frequently and creating and posting things that are innovative and helpful!
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