Week of 9/22 – 9/26 (Third Week)

This week I have helped students and teachers with a variety of problems. On monday, Mrs. Price from the foreign language department came down to Help Desk with a problem with her computer. Every single tab, window and screen was being displayed as upside-down – super weird. I figured that there must have been something wrong with the internal settings of the computer, causing it to think the computer was being held upside down. I went into control settings, and selected appearance and deselected auto rotate screen and sure enough, problem solved. I also assisted her in a problem she was having connecting with the Foreign Language department printer. I found that by simply setting the FL printer to her default printer, it printed with ease. Her appreciation for myself and all of the members of the Help Desk is a great feeling and makes me truly believe that we are providing an awesome resource for our school here! I have also been working to promote myself on the internet and social media. My twitter account has gained followers ever since I posted my blog post and my post has been featured on the district blog as well as been tweeted out by several teachers and BPS staff including Mr. Larkin. The recognition I’m receiving for my work is an awesome feeling!


About cathoyt

This is my blog for the Burlington High School student-run help desk! I'm excited to being posting on here frequently and creating and posting things that are innovative and helpful!
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